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      本公司以可靠的質量、合理的價位、良好的售前售后服務,以品質、誠信、創新、服務”的經營理念,“質量為先,誠信為本”的企業宗旨,滿足廣大用戶的需求,為你排憂解難,與客戶互利共贏,誠邀新老客戶做客鑫飛洽談指導 攜手合作。

        Zhucheng Xinfei Machinery Co., Ltd. Located in the southeastern coastal city of Shandong Peninsula and adjacent cities of Qingdao. Known as the "hometown of dinosaurs" in China. Railways and expressways are accessible in all directions. It has superior geographical position, beautiful environment, pleasant climate, good investment environment and strong business atmosphere.

      Main products: pasteurization and cooling line, high temperature sterilization equipment, fruit and vegetable cleaning and drying line, fruit and vegetable drying line, cooking and blanching line, thawing machine, quick-freezing machine, food conveyor belt, cooking and frying pan equipment, vacuum packaging machine, soft packaging and shaping machine, vacuum rolling and kneading machine, chopping and mixing machine Machine, meat grinder, air shower room, worktable, hand washing trough, trolley, trolley, etc.

      The company has professional scientific research and design personnel, first-class processing equipment and experienced technicians, at the same time learn from advanced technology at home and abroad, laid the foundation for manufacturing high-quality equipment. Products from design, production to factory, are controlled by technical engineers on site, while providing perfect after-sales service, never neglecting any link in product quality.

      Our company takes reliable quality, reasonable price, good pre-sale and after-sale service, quality, integrity, innovation and service as its business philosophy, the enterprise purpose of "quality first, honesty first", satisfies the needs of the vast number of users, eliminates worries and difficulties for you, and mutually benefits with customers. We sincerely invite new and old customers to visit Xinfei for negotiation. Guide and work together to create a better future.